Eastbourne Music & Arts Festival

CMP Studios, the professional recording studios based in Eastbourne, has offered to record an individual CD for a top entrant from each of the instruments within the Music Section of the February 2013 Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival.

The most outstanding performance in each of the Individual and Choral Singing, Piano, Brass, String and Woodwind sections will be selected by the adjudicators to have the opportunity to visit CMP Studios in Commercial Road. Each winner will have two takes at recording some pieces over a half hour recording period, then the recording will be mixed and mastered using some of the most technologically-advanced equipment in the South East and a CD of the highest professional quality will be given to them for use in their future musical careers.

“The Festival Committee is so delighted that CMP Studios has offered these special prizes that we have extended the closing date of the Festival’s Music Section to 14th November in order for music students and groups to take advantage of this unusual opportunity”, said John Crawshaw, Chairman of EMAF.  Entry forms and details of how to obtain a syllabus are available online at www.eastbournemusicandartsfestival.org .

“CMP Studios works with professional musicians from around the South East but the studio is also keen to encourage local young talent”, said CMP Director Philip Davies.  “My own sons enjoyed playing and performing at the Eastbourne Festival and I know how important the performance opportunities provided by competitive festivals is in the development of young musicians and so we were delighted to offer this added dimension at the 2013 Festival”.