Battle Abbey students have a go at sound engineering!

Mixing Desk, CMP Studios, recording, Eastbourne, Sussex

Throughout March and April, Battle Abbey School A-Level music technology students have been engineering and recording at CMP Studios, for the ‘live recording’ part of their A-Level music project.

In their first outing to the studio (which occurred back in March), the keen students took over CMP’s mixing desk to record the following three cover tracks:

Fall Back 2 U by Chromeo

Not The Only One by Sam Smith

Kangaroo Court (acoustic version) by Capital Cities

During this initial session, they tracked live drums (performed by Ollie Boorman), bass guitar (acoustic and electric, performed by Dan Humphreys and Andy Williams respectively), and di-ed the keys (performed by Carl Greenwood). The band who let these capable students experiment on them are all local professional musicians themselves, so the session went by without much of a hitch!

16.4.2, CMP Mixers, recording, CMP Studios, Eastbourne, Sussex

Battle Students were let loose on CMP’s Mixers!

For their second session (which took place earlier this April), the students returned once more to lay down the vocals for their three tracks. With local crooner Tom Fitzpatrick providing the guest vocals, the sound engineers-in-waiting were able to capture something resembling Sam Smith’s trademark falsetto sound – which is certainly no mean feat!

So needless to say, the Battle students were thrilled with how both sessions went and came away with some great recordings to add to their latest project.