Bella The Pug discovers The Roadee

So Bella the Pug has stopped by, her creative spark has come back after years of shoe sniffing and barking at squirrels, although one thing never went away… her flatulence.

Big Bad Bella in The Roadee

Bella is quite familiar with the classic studio environment through years of recording albums about broken dog bowls and enchanting squeaky toys, her Number One hit ‘Poodles In The Park’ has kept her financially stable for some time now. But being comfortable with the classic studio environment doesn’t mean she’s not outrageously lazy and can be bothered to move out of her comfy dog bed she’s worked so hard to earn. Bella Googled her predicament on the off chance that someone could come to her house and record her at home, boom! up comes The Roadee, the solution was obvious, she gave them a call and round they were to record her come back single ‘Bella The Pug’.
Here it is!


We look forward to seeing Bella again soon.