Caradog’s Harp in The Roadee

It hasn’t been long now since The Roadee was completed and launched into the Sussex music scene. We will be writing a complete news story on The Roadee and how CMP Studios ended up on wheels, but as it has had a great start this month and is already out and about recording, here’s a quick bit of news about Caradog and the big bit of wood between his legs.

The Great Escape festival in Brighton is one of Europe’s largest music festivals, with 3500 music industry professionals from across the world amassing for three days of learning, debating and networking. This year, The Roadee got right in the heart of the action and managed to spend three days sitting in Gardner Street, connecting with music professionals and musicians alike.

The Great Escape Festival












During this time we met Caradog, a Welsh harpist studying in Brighton and thought it would be a nice challenge to see if we could record a great sounding track whilst surrounded by hundreds of people in the centre of what was, on the day, the busiest street in Brighton, putting the soundproofing to the test.

The Great Escape Festival

Here’s Caradog, what a beauty. Nice harp.

So guess what – it sounded great; have a listen!

And he's off.

And he’s off.