Causeway visit CMP for 2nd year in a row!

REAL Learning Week, Causeway School, CMP Studios, recording studio, Eastbourne, Sussex

CMP’s senior sound engineer & producer Tom and head sound engineer Glen were both busy on Tuesday this week, giving a guided Talk ‘n’ Tour session to four different groups of Causeway School students.

The Talk ‘n’ Tour session was in fact the second time our studio has played host to Causeway’s students. Just like last year, they visited CMP in order to gain an understanding of how a modern day recording studio operates.

Their visit to CMP was one of many fascinating events organised by Causeway for REAL Learning Week (an educational programme designed to give their students a chance to observe real workplaces in action).

We hope Tuesday’s Talk ‘n’ Tour session has inspired at least a few of them to become music industry professionals (of all stripes!) later on in life – and judging by their enthusiasm during the Q&A sessions held by both Tom & Glen, we’re confident that will be the case.

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