We’re launching our very own band directory: ‘CMP Regulars’!

Here at CMP, we now have a webpage dedicated to those awesome bands who rehearse with us on a regular basis. It’s our way of giving the local music scene a little kick – with a short bio for each band, a list of band members, and links to their various social media pages, e-mail addresses and websites.

Our regular bands (who are all available for bookings) range from original metal and rock groups to full-blown, high energy cover bands who are very well known on the South’s music circuit.

We hope this page will bring our bands an extra big portion of future bookings!

CMP Studios Microphones


Our regular bands include:

  • Ivy Fire (Originals)
  • The Harkes (Originals)
  • Master Kush’s Circus (Originals)
  • Who Killed The Goat? (Originals)
  • Owen Donovan & The Mockingbirds (Originals)
  • Smythe, Smythe & Smythe (instrumental originals)
  • Snake Byte (Covers)
  • Vehement (Originals)

Live music is the best music, so please visit our ‘CMP Regulars’ page for links and contact details for all of our fantastic bands!