Crooning in The Roadee

The Roadee certainly has seen some action over the last few weeks, after sessions including rock, jazz, funk and smooth singer songwriting, we’ve now had an afternoon of mellow crooning to calm the nerves.

Lee Grainger crooner

Lee in full ‘swing’

Meet Lee, Sparky turned Crooner from Willingdon, East Sussex. Lee was fortunate enough to receive a studio gift voucher as a present last year, unfortunately, it was just before our studio in Commercial Road was severely flooded causing major delays to Lee’s studio time, however, he was happy to wait for us to get back up and running and now we are sure he was glad he did, not only have we recorded a set of fantastic swing songs, but we also came to him and recorded the whole lot on the driveway in the comfort of his home surroundings! Coffees in the garden and paddling pools a-plenty.

In the booth

In the booth, listening back after a take

Lee is a crooner known locally for busking in and around the town, hopefully you’ll spot him whilst in town, if you do, stop and have a listen, he’s fantastic! You can expect to hear great songs from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Roger Miller, Louis Armstrong and many more.

Here’s a short snippet of what you can expect if you hear him, don’t forget, if you like what you hear you can buy Lee’s CD directly from him, maybe he’ll even sign a copy for you!

Lee Smart