Dropping some beats with Jake

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Their pet python was calm, much calmer than we were!

Jake and his crew have been making their way down to CMP quite a bit these past couple of weeks, for a couple of spur-of-the-moment recording sessions!  

The hip hop artist and his talented fellow rappers wanted to lay down a selection of original tracks pretty sharpish. Their songs, all of which are set to bold and striking backing tracks, contain inventive lyrics brought to life by their impassioned style of rapping.

Just to keep things interesting, the group decided to bring along one of their biggest fans to their second session – a pet baby python no less! Nestled comfortably (and calmly) upon Jake’s palm throughout, he/she looked quite happy enough – and thankfully remained quite still enough whenever the CMP team took turns to stroke him/her!

So with their latest rap session nicely wrapped up, Jake & Co took off into the sunset (all seeming rather pleased with their latest recording efforts). And, although we couldn’t be entirely sure, it looked like their unusual pet had given them the sssnaky seal of approval.