Harun Miah’s 4th 20th 1st!

Harun Miah, Liberal Democrats, South Asian music, CMP Studios, recording studio, Eastbourne, Sussex

The trio in action!

On Monday, Langney ward councillor Md. Harun Miah has his first recording session – ever!

During an all-day block recording session that lasted eight hours, he performed a series of traditional Indian songs. Throughout the session, Harun played the harmonium and was joined by his friend (who played the tabla), and by his wife (who provided her distinctive and unique vocals to the proceedings).

The purpose behind the Lib Dem councillor & former deputy Mayor of Eastbourne’s recording session was to capture a series of traditional songs that could be passed down to his family, as a special form of legacy.

The fact that Harun & Co. recorded on the 20th is highly significant, in fact, as he’s had a number of key firsts fall upon that date. It was on the 20th that: Harun got married; his daughter was born; his daughter herself got married; and it’s now the date of his first ever recording! So quite a series of firsts for Harun, and here’s another (5th) one: owning a CD of his first ever recording!