Whistler John teams up with CMP’s Alex & Tom!

Local charity singer John Vincent has had two very interesting recording sessions at CMP recently:

John Vincent CRUK

John at work

First off, he popped in on a recent Sunday to record the “It’s Alright” song by The Traveling Wilburys (officially entitled ‘End of the Line’). Joining him in our spacious Live Room were his son Chris Vincent (on the guitar) and his friend Joe Ng (also on the guitar). And CMP’s Tom helped them out with some quality session work on the bass, as well as programming the drum track for the song. ‘End of the Line’ will be included on John’s upcoming yet-to-be-titled album of classic covers.

Tom Askaroff, sound engineer, CMP Studios, recording studio, Eastbourne, Sussex

Tom doing what he does best!

John’s second (recent) recording took place on Wednesday of this week. This time, he decided to record a brand new song of his called ‘Ivy’ (after his mother). The song was recorded using the multi-track technique (in other words, the three key parts were recorded separately). First off, CMP’s Marketing & Communications Manager Alex recorded the accompanying melody on the guitar. Next in line was CMP’s CEO Tom, who laid down the accompanying chords (also on the guitar).

Alex Davies, Marketing & Communications Manager, CMP Studios, recording studio, Eastbourne, Sussex

Alex chipping in with some “sunny” notes

And saving the best to last, John then took to the mic to record the main melody (which he actually whistled rather than sang!). ‘Ivy’ is a very pleasant song, what with the cheerful sound of whistling running through it and the breezy chords and accompanying guitar melody giving it a distinctly sunny vibe – though it also has a striking Medieval quality to it as well.

John Vincent

John behind the desks

‘Ivy’ will be included in another upcoming album of John’s, (to be called ‘Naïve Legacy’) and will feature all of his latest original songs. To keep up with John’s latest developments, keep an eye on our news tab for further updates!