Mark’s marathon of a recording session!

Local musician Mark Caira returned to CMP today, to record a colossal 9 tracks over the course of 3 hours! And nestled among a string of acoustic covers, was an original piece of his called ‘I’m Calling You’.

Mark Caira, CMP Studios, Live Room

Mark recording in CMP’s Live Room

Mark intends to use today’s recorded material as part of a promotional CD. The versatile musician hopes this acoustic guitar demo will help secure him work as a session musician (for weddings and other various events), as it will be a fantastic showcase for his skills!

Mark Caira, classical guitar

Mark’s classical guitar getting a workout!

Mark, who was awarded a scholarship to the London College of Music, is also an Eastbourne-based music teacher (specialising in guitar, piano, and GCSE Music Theory).

Mark Caira, classical guitar, fretboard

Mark gliding up and down the fretboard

For anyone keen to start up some guitar or piano lessons, you can contact Mark via phone (01323 733 517) or email (