Mark’s Star Trek Style Recording

Look out! How high-tech is this?!

So Mark Bryant has been back to make some more drum cover videos for his Youtube channel.

This time, Mark’s choices were, Primavera by Santana and Adventure Of A Lifetime by Coldplay.

So we recorded Mark’s tracks as usual, but this time in The Roadee! Of course there’s not enough room for a drum kit in The Roadee – no problem, we have an acoustically treated, soundproof trailer that’ll do the job a treat! So Mark was in our nicely air-conditioned trailer with a big screen in front of him displaying the control room of The Roadee so the communication with the engineer was still great. In The Roadee we also have a big screen displaying the internals of the trailer so….. nice!

mobile recording studio

The Linked Vehicles

mobile recording studio

The view in the control room

drum recording

The view from behind Mark’s kit

sound engineer

Tom listening during a take

Here’s the videos – please take a look and show Mark some love by liking them, leaving a nice comment or subscribing to keep up to date with when he releases more.