Mobile Recording

Meet ‘The Roadee’

One of our state of the art Mobile Recording Studio's. Totally bespoke and built from the ground up. We're capturing the moment that matters...

How it works

Our mobile rig is called 'The Roadee', which is a recording studio in a truck.

The truck is laid out into two separate areas - a control room and a recording booth, both soundproofed and acoustically treated so we can get that tight studio sound everyone craves.

But it doesn't stop there, the truck has been designed to be able to pull up outside a venue and run the cables in to record whatever and wherever you want. We can (and have) record in churches for the fantastic acoustics they provide, in a field in the countryside, on clients driveways for extra convenience or outside venues with no trouble at all.

This is all fixed inside the truck. (but the rack gear is detatchable to place inside a venue or on stage)

If you want to track an album, therefor needing more space than provided in The Roadee's recording booth but still want that tight studio sound... well we've got that covered too.

We have a large (again, sound proof and acoustically treated) trailer that links to the truck for recording drums or brass or whatever larger instrument sections you have.


The Roadee

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