Harry Court, Under Ground Theatre, CMP Studios
Harry Court had a very successful gig at Eastbourne’s Under Ground Theatre last month! The gig, which took place on Tuesday 26th August, was in fact his first ever performance at the beneath-the-library venue. And given that this was a gig on Harry’s home turf, it wasn’t too surprising that […]

Harry Court & Freddie Calls @ Under Ground Theatre

Harry @ Airbourne
Despite the iffy (at times!) weather, this year’s Airbourne was arguably the best yet! In large part due to the Live Beach Stage – and in equally large part due to the fact that CMP Artists‘ Harry Court was seen playing on it! On Thursday afternoon, Harry was joined on stage by […]

Harry Court wows crowd @ Airbourne!

Mark Caira, guitarist, Spanish guitar
Talented guitarist and music teacher Mark Caira is back again at CMP today, this time to record four new tracks to go on his latest promotional CD. Struggling to think of some titles for his brand new tracks, Mark’s wife helpfully suggested that he use some of his pupils’ names for them […]

Mark Caira back to record new promo CD!

Sophie Sands, solo artist
On Friday, guitar teacher Mark Caira brought along one of his many promising students to the studio! Singer and guitarist Sophie Sands, aged 16, was joined by Mark for a recording session in CMP’s bespoke Live Room. The purpose behind their recording session was to record 5 great covers to go […]

Sophie Sands to bring out new promo CD!

Rothwell, acoustic, pop
Last week, CMP’s dream team of sound engineers had the pleasure of recording solo artist Rothwell’s EP. The singer-songwriter, who hails from Bristol and is currently based in London, is keen to get her debut EP out so she can make her mark on the emerging music scene! The acoustic […]

Rothwell’s debut EP is out soon!

Harry Court , Someone To Be
Harry’s second single ‘Someone To Be’ is the perfect accompaniment to your summer! The upbeat funky pop tune is now available for purchase across all major platforms – including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play! So get ordering, but before you do that, give Harry the old thumbs up for the […]

Harry’s brand new single is OUT NOW!!

Tiffany Robinson, singer-songwriter
London College of Music student Tiffany Robinson popped into CMP today to record six original songs – all of which will be included on her upcoming EP, as well as on her YouTube channel! All six of her songs are acoustic numbers that utilise her delicate guitar (and ukulele) work, and […]

Tiffany records six of the best for her upcoming EP!

Georgia-Faye Steele, pianist, vocalist
The studio welcomed yet another Fest winner to our tucked away premises today! 14-year-old Georgia-Faye Steele won the 2014 Eastbourne Music & Arts Festival section for Rock & Pop, and so is claiming the golden prize that is rightfully hers: a recording session at CMP! During her two-hour session, Georgia chose […]

Eastbourne Fest winner claims CMP prize!

Tyler Smart, Live Room, CMP Studios
Last Saturday, folk pop artist Tyler Smart came to CMP to work on his upcoming EP, this time featuring four fresh tracks! The Hailsham-based solo artist focussed on two tracks in particular during his recording session, and he’ll be in again to work on the other two sometime soon. So […]

Tyler – the Smart Choice!

Giorgia May, live, Brunswick
Throughout February, the team at CMP have been hard at work recording, mixing & mastering Giorgia May‘s latest EP. And the singer-songwriter, who’s currently studying at BIMM, has been dropping by regularly to check up on our sound engineers’ progress! Giorgia has in fact performed as a special guest at one of CMP […]

Soul/folk artist records ‘Trouble Sleeping’

George Gianluca
Eastbourne-based singer-songwriter George Gianluca has recently released a music vid on YouTube, this time for his single ‘We’re Still Young’. The song features vocal harmonies from Brighton-based BIMM student Giorgia May (who’s also recorded at CMP, and even performed at one of our Showcase nights as a special guest!). The music video was shot in and […]

‘We’re Still Young’ singer to shoot new vid!

Harry Court, crooning
The 13th (lucky for some) CMP Artists Showcase took place last night, providing a high note for the young label to end its first year on! Seated comfortably in the Six Bell’s toasty gig room, the eager audience looked on as CMP Artist Harry Court and his brother James offered […]

CMP Artists’ final Showcase of the year gets warm reception!

George Rawlings
Hove’s top arts venue played host to the 12th CMP Artists Showcase last night, during which the pub’s eager audience were treated to a great selection of live acoustic music – courtesy of CMP Artists Iafra, Harry Court (with brother James), and George Rawlings. Things got going bang on 8pm, […]

CMP Artists’ November 6th Showcase @ the Brunswick!

Carlie Randall-Smith, distinctive vocals
CMP Studios played host to a highly accomplished singer-with-a-guitar today, who came to the studio to ‘put her own twist on some classics’! 16-year-old Carlie Randall-Smith, from Seaford, is a solo artist who currently attends Lewes College (part of Sussex Downs). She is taking courses in psychology, sociology, performing arts, and […]

Carlie puts the class in classic with 7 great tracks!

George Rawlings
After an intimate gig at the Six Bells on Tuesday night, the CMP crew moved things over to Hove for last night’s (11th!) CMP Artists Showcase. Camped out in the Brunswick’s bespoke Venue room (where gigs and Open Mic Nights regularly take place), the audience were treated to a great […]

CMP Artists’ October 9th Showcase @ the Brunswick!

Mark Caira, classical guitar, fretboard
Local musician Mark Caira returned to CMP today, to record a colossal 9 tracks over the course of 3 hours! And nestled among a string of acoustic covers, was an original piece of his called ‘I’m Calling You’. Mark intends to use today’s recorded material as part of a promotional CD. The versatile musician hopes this […]

Mark’s marathon of a recording session!

Ken, Iafra, Showcase
The CMP Artists’ 8th Showcase, which took place last night at the Brunswick, managed to be both a lively yet intimate affair. Occupying The Venue (the side-room adjoining the Brunswick’s main bar room), the audience looked on as two of CMP’s finest acts took to the stage: Harry & James […]

CMP Artists’ September 4th Showcase @ the Brunswick!

Ken & Iafra, positive vibez!
CMP Artists’ 7th Showcase was the smoothest yet, with both jazz and swing thrown into the mix! The venue of choice was the cosy gig room at the Six Bells pub (which is situated at the front of Chiddingly’s finest free house). On this occasion, CMP were proud to present […]

A Swingtastic Showcase for CMP Artists @ the Six Bells!

CMP Artists’ 6th Showcase was a smooth operation, with an unmistakably jazzy tinge! Seated comfortably in Hove’s top arts venue The Venue (the side-room adjoining the Brunswick’s main bar room), the audience looked on as Tom (CMP’s founder) proudly presented the young record label’s two new Artists: Iafra and George Rawlings. And CMP’s […]

CMP Artists’ August Showcase @ the Brunswick!

George Rawlings
Last night’s 5th CMP Artists Showcase (the 2nd one to be held at the Six Bells) was simply fan-tastic, thanks to the buzzing crowd and all of the special artists involved! The venue of choice was, once again, the pub’s cosy (and fortunately air-conned) gig room. On this occasion, CMP […]

CMP Artists return to the Six Bells!

George Rawlings
The 4th CMP Artists Showcase (the 2nd one to be held at the Brunswick) went brilliantly last night, giving CMP Artist George Rawlings another reason to celebrate today (Happy 18th Birthday George!). The venue of choice was “The Venue” – the Brunswick’s spacious function room, which also happens to be […]

Round 2 for CMP Artists @ The Brunswick!

Phil pointing!
CMP’s Artists pulled it out of the bag once more for their third Showcase, which went swimmingly last night! The venue of choice was the cosy gig room at the Six Bells pub (which is situated at the front of Chiddingly’s finest free house). On this occasion, CMP were proud […]

CMP Artists @ The Six Bells

Our brand new label’s Showcase sessions continue to roll on, as we venture out to the Six Bells pub in Chiddingly this evening for our third event! The pub – a firm favourite of bikers, musos and foodies alike – attracts punters from far and wide, having been around for […]

The 3rd CMP Artists’ Showcase takes place @ The Six ...

Matt Cooper
CMP Artists’ first ever Brighton & Hove Showcase went brilliantly last night! This time, we had not three but four talented solo artists at the CMP helm! Each artist had up to half an hour to perform their set (including a little breather between each artist’s time on the stage!). The evening’s action kicked off […]

CMP Artists @ Brunswick a resounding success!

CMP Artists’ first ever Brighton & Hove Showcase is taking place this evening! We can now confirm that Harry Court, our Special Guest No. 2 (see our previous news item!), will definitely be taking to the stage alongside our other eager performers: George, Iafra and Matt. You can gather more info […]

CMP’s Showcase is at 8pm tonight @ top arts venue ...

Harry at recent CMP recording sesh!
UPDATE: We can now reveal that talented guitarist and singer songwriter Harry Court (who, as we might have mentioned before, was a recent winner at the Eastbourne Music Festival) is keen to take to the stage – along with CMP’s very own Artists – tomorrow night! Our Artists (George Rawlings and Iafra, along with […]

Harry Court to appear as Special Guest at CMP’s Brunswick ...

Harry Court
Harry Court, this year’s winner of Eastbourne Festival’s Guitar Section, enjoyed a free recording session (courtesy of CMP Studios) today! He follows on from the winners of several other Festival Sections, who have all been able to enjoy this one-off prize in the past few months. 14-year-old Harry is a highly accomplished […]

Winner of Eastbourne Festival’s Guitar Section rocks up at CMP!

Artists Logo Our fledgling record label CMP Artists is now fully up and running with two talented Artists on its books! And we’re auditioning all the time to sign up yet more artists! Last month (26th April), we had our very first CMP Artists Monthly Showcase, which took place at the […]

CMP Artists record label officially launched and raring to go!!