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Stuart Evans, singer-songwriter, guitarist, Treatment of Choice
Local singer-songwriter & guitarist Stuart Evans had two back-to-back 3-hour Live Recording sessions at the studio yesterday! For his first session, he performed as a solo artist (just guitar and vocals) and recorded three special covers and two original tracks: River or the Stone – co-written by Stuart and Mike Willis (from the […]

Stuart Evans goes back-to-back at CMP!

Shamaniak, rock trio
Local rock trio Shamaniak have made full use of CMP’s recent special deal: a Live Recording Package worth £149 for just £99! The Live Recording Package gives musicians (bands and solo artists alike) the chance to spend up to 3 hours in CMP’s bespoke Live Room, recording up to 5 […]

Shamaniak’s live demo is out now!

Haleshla, bendir
For the past two days, CMP Studios have had the pleasure of recording husband & wife duo Simon Webster & Mouna Eddrou! The duo, who go by the stage name Haleshla (which means “Why not!” in Arabic), have made full use of CMP’s in demand EP Package. They selected three […]

Haleshla over from Morocco to record EP!

Rothwell, acoustic, pop
Last week, CMP’s dream team of sound engineers had the pleasure of recording solo artist Rothwell’s EP. The singer-songwriter, who hails from Bristol and is currently based in London, is keen to get her debut EP out so she can make her mark on the emerging music scene! The acoustic […]

Rothwell’s debut EP is out soon!

Orla Lindsay, singer-songwriter
Orla Lindsay (aka July For January) has been spending the past two days recording her EP right here at CMP Studios! The 16-year-old former Cavendish student (who eagerly awaits her GCSE results next month!) has booked herself in for one of our popular EP Packages. The package enables customers to […]

July For January records EP at CMP!

Biscuit Boris, Rich Tea Biscuits
This past week, the CMP team have become evermore bewildered, due to our Rich Tea Biscuits doing a little vanishing act! These worrying developments come in the wake of another recent studio catastrophe: our last packet of Rich Teas got suspiciously lighter, with each passing day! Even more worrying, the biscuit thief […]

Anonymous studio engineer caught up in Rich Tea Biscuit scandal…

Yukka Plant
CMP’s yucca plants get the star treatment! During Master Kush’s Circus’ epic recording session this week, there were inevitably periods of unavoidable downtime. So with this in mind, bandmate Dave found an ingenious way to fill those dull-as-dishwasher moments: by giving CMP Studios’ yucca plants some much-needed TLC! The part-time studio […]

Part-time studio gardener, full-time rock star!

Giorgia May, live, Brunswick
Throughout February, the team at CMP have been hard at work recording, mixing & mastering Giorgia May‘s latest EP. And the singer-songwriter, who’s currently studying at BIMM, has been dropping by regularly to check up on our sound engineers’ progress! Giorgia has in fact performed as a special guest at one of CMP […]

Soul/folk artist records ‘Trouble Sleeping’

The Bayonets
On Sunday, The Bayonets (basically a cross between swords and guns) rocked up at CMP to give us a dose of their unique brand of indie! The reason behind their visit was to partake in their very first recorded rehearsal session here at the studio – with the intention of putting said session […]

The mother of all rehearsals!

Drum Screens
The weekend has come and gone and the studio has been busy with many things. And among these things was a live recording for local rock hounds ‘Bonefish’. Bonefish are currently a four-piece rock outfit, waiting to try out their new singer to make it five!! The band have bags […]

The Bonefish Attack!

Evie & Co, Live Room
Hot on the heels of a fun-packed Friday evening with the EMCers (see our previous news item!), we had a great Saturday morning recording Evie and her friends taking part in their first ever CMP Studio Experience! Their hour-long recording session was in fact a special birthday treat for Evie. All 8 of them […]

Evie’s birthday treat

business, sepia
Last Friday, CMP Studios had the pleasure of welcoming another batch of eager EMCers to our bespoke Live Room, for their first ever Studio Experience! This time, we had the Military and Export Vehicles Sales Team in from EMC (Eastbourne Motoring Centre) – plus another little sprinkling of their Vauxhall […]

Round 2 for EMC!

Much fun was had in the studio today, when seven of the staff from Lushington Chiropractic came in to record their company song ‘I Need A Chiro’! The recording session formed the core part of their Team Building Event experience. Their chosen song was an adapted version of the Bonnie […]

‘I Need A Chiro’ is Lush!

Today, Head Sound Engineer Tom (aka CMP Studios’ Co-owner!) is hard at work Mixing & Mastering Zoe Hedderwick’s stunning One Take Demo ‘Green Eyes’. Once he’s completed that task, he shall be moving onto John Vincent’s special track ‘Judy’ – moving it into its final phase of production!

More Mixing in the Mix!

Today, our resident sound engineers have been busy putting the finishing touches to Competition Winner Charlotte Staples’ One Take Demo ‘Sophia’! And what’s more, we’ve been quietly plugging away at something special – more details to follow soon!


And CMP Studios’ Open Mic Night Competition continues! Competition Winner Zoë Hazel Hedderwick came to the studio today to record her free One Take Demo, entitled ‘Green Eyes’. Zoë, aged 20, has been living in Brighton for the past year and is enrolled on a 4 year Songwriting course at […]

Zoë Hazel’s ‘Green Eyes’

Todd Dorigo and his band came into the studio this afternoon, to record two of their new songs. Song no. 1 is called ‘Shy Boy’ and song no. 2 is entitled ‘Bit On The Side’. The rock ‘n’ roll/pop band like their songs to be infused with melodies highly reminscent of […]

Todd Dorigo – the ‘Shy Boy’ who likes a ‘Bit ...

The CMP Studios Open Mic Night Competition is in full swing! Charlotte Staples, winner of The Wheatsheaf Inn Open Mic Night, came into the studio to record her free One Take Demo. She chose to do a cover of Laura Marling’s ‘Sophia’. With her powerful vocals, we’re confident Charlotte has put her […]

Charlotte Staples records ‘Sophia’

Jezz Brown’s One Take Demo ‘To My Surprise’ has now been fully Mixed & Mastered! It’s been burned onto a number of CDs, ready to be fully utilised by the printing press! We wish Jezz every success with his excellent One Take Demo, which he’s hoping to place in an indiscreet […]

‘To My Surprise’ now Mixed & Mastered!

Andy Cooper’s One Take Demo ‘End Beginning’ has now been fully Mixed & Mastered! It’s been burned onto a number of CDs, ready to be fully utilised by the printing press! We wish Andy every success with his excellent One Take Demo!

‘End Beginning’ fully Mixed & Mastered!

The CMP Studios’ Open Mic Night Competition is now in full swing! With the October 1st deadline now passed, the studio has begun booking in all of its Open Mic Winners. So far, it’s had Winner Andy Cooper in to record his One Take Demo (entitled ‘End Beginning’). With Andy’s […]

‘End Beginning’ in sight!

The staff at CMP Studios have had the privilege of playing audience to a diverse bunch of acts representing a huge selection of genres – including everything from folk, blues, soul, jazz and funk (and even an eerily beautiful instrumental played on a saw – not something most people get […]

The Renaissance of the Open Mic Night Singer-Songwriter

Newcomer Christine, the lucky recipient of a Christmas Recording Gift Voucher (courtesy of CMP!), has been in to record a stirring rendition of Shirley Bassey’s ‘After The Rain’. With her smooth phrasing and dulcet tones, it won’t be long before we’ve whipped her vocals into Mixed & Mastered shape!

After The Rain….