Haleshla, bendir
For the past two days, CMP Studios have had the pleasure of recording husband & wife duo Simon Webster & Mouna Eddrou! The duo, who go by the stage name Haleshla (which means “Why not!” in Arabic), have made full use of CMP’s in demand EP Package. They selected three […]

Haleshla over from Morocco to record EP!

Rothwell, acoustic, pop
Last week, CMP’s dream team of sound engineers had the pleasure of recording solo artist Rothwell’s EP. The singer-songwriter, who hails from Bristol and is currently based in London, is keen to get her debut EP out so she can make her mark on the emerging music scene! The acoustic […]

Rothwell’s debut EP is out soon!

Orla Lindsay, singer-songwriter
Orla Lindsay (aka July For January) has been spending the past two days recording her EP right here at CMP Studios! The 16-year-old former Cavendish student (who eagerly awaits her GCSE results next month!) has booked herself in for one of our popular EP Packages. The package enables customers to […]

July For January records EP at CMP!

Tiffany Robinson, singer-songwriter
London College of Music student Tiffany Robinson popped into CMP today to record six original songs – all of which will be included on her upcoming EP, as well as on her YouTube channel! All six of her songs are acoustic numbers that utilise her delicate guitar (and ukulele) work, and […]

Tiffany records six of the best for her upcoming EP!

Yukka Plant
CMP’s yucca plants get the star treatment! During Master Kush’s Circus’ epic recording session this week, there were inevitably periods of unavoidable downtime. So with this in mind, bandmate Dave found an ingenious way to fill those dull-as-dishwasher moments: by giving CMP Studios’ yucca plants some much-needed TLC! The part-time studio […]

Part-time studio gardener, full-time rock star!

Tyler Smart, Live Room, CMP Studios
Last Saturday, folk pop artist Tyler Smart came to CMP to work on his upcoming EP, this time featuring four fresh tracks! The Hailsham-based solo artist focussed on two tracks in particular during his recording session, and he’ll be in again to work on the other two sometime soon. So […]

Tyler – the Smart Choice!

Mickey's Girl
Local band Mickey’s Girl have been rather busy of late, following the release of their EP last summer (appropriately entitled ‘The World Loves Mickey’s Girl’!). Since that milestone, they’ve been busy organising as many gigs as possible – particularly over in Brighton. Their favourite gig, so far, was the one they […]

Love across the globe for Mickey’s Girl!

Giorgia May, live, Brunswick
Throughout February, the team at CMP have been hard at work recording, mixing & mastering Giorgia May‘s latest EP. And the singer-songwriter, who’s currently studying at BIMM, has been dropping by regularly to check up on our sound engineers’ progress! Giorgia has in fact performed as a special guest at one of CMP […]

Soul/folk artist records ‘Trouble Sleeping’