Live Room

John Wilbucker, solo artist, piano
John Wilbucker has been spending the last few months composing his piano-led tunes from the comfort of CMP’s acoustically-insulated Live Room. Since he recorded his first song (the epic ‘No Place To Hide’) here at the studio back in April, the singer-songwriter and pianist has been busy experimenting with new sounds on […]

John Wilbucker tests out our Korgs!

Arnulf, KT Tunstall, session musician
CMP’s founder & head sound engineer Tom had an amusing conversation on Monday, with new customer Arnulf! The session musician, who originally hails from Vienna and now resides in London, needed to fit in some piano practice while down in Eastbourne, and so booked a two-hour piano practice session in our bespoke […]

Arnulf poses with, Arnulf!

Rob & Ryan, actors, Pennies From Heaven Revisited
For the past couple of days, CMP Studios has been adopted by an acting troupe keen to record some songs and spoken excerpts for their upcoming play ‘Pennies from Heaven Revisited’!   Co-produced by actor Paul Bentinck and by writer John Collings, the play is based on a World War […]

Acting troupe takes over CMP’s Live Room!

Earlier this month, the CMP team had the pleasure of welcoming newbies Me, Myself & Her into the studio fold! The Sussex-based wedding & function band held several rehearsal sessions at the studio, during which they made full use of our bespoke Live Room. They were keen to get as much practice in […]

Me, Myself & Her – the real icing on the ...

The Bayonets
On Sunday, The Bayonets (basically a cross between swords and guns) rocked up at CMP to give us a dose of their unique brand of indie! The reason behind their visit was to partake in their very first recorded rehearsal session here at the studio – with the intention of putting said session […]

The mother of all rehearsals!

Drum Screens
The weekend has come and gone and the studio has been busy with many things. And among these things was a live recording for local rock hounds ‘Bonefish’. Bonefish are currently a four-piece rock outfit, waiting to try out their new singer to make it five!! The band have bags […]

The Bonefish Attack!