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Tyler Smart, Live Room, CMP Studios
Last Saturday, folk pop artist Tyler Smart came to CMP to work on his upcoming EP, this time featuring four fresh tracks! The Hailsham-based solo artist focussed on two tracks in particular during his recording session, and he’ll be in again to work on the other two sometime soon. So […]

Tyler – the Smart Choice!

Mixing Desk, CMP Studios
CMP’s team of sound engineers enjoyed a very busy Tuesday morning this week, as they played host to four different sets of Causeway School students! The students (from Years 7, 8 and 9) visited the recording studio as part of REAL Learning Week (a programme of workplace visits that give […]

CMP host Causeway students during REAL Learning Week!

Vee 8s, CMP, Tom
The Vee 8s paid another visit to the studio yesterday, as they needed to record a new song for their latest demo CD. They decided to record a unique rendition of Carl Perkins’ ‘Tennessee’. During their session, they laid down the vocals and recorded the accompanying acoustic guitar track for the song. And […]

Brighton-based rock ‘n’ rollers return!

Spitfire - Biggun Hill - Alex Askaroff
The atmosphere at CMP Studios took a decisively sombre turn yesterday afternoon, as our sound engineers worked with actor/director Paul Bentinck on a wartime soundscape. Lasting up to 20 minutes, the World War II soundscape begins with a gaggle of dogs barking on an otherwise quiet afternoon in a peaceful town. It […]

CMP staff create World War II soundscape!

Giorgia May, live, Brunswick
Throughout February, the team at CMP have been hard at work recording, mixing & mastering Giorgia May‘s latest EP. And the singer-songwriter, who’s currently studying at BIMM, has been dropping by regularly to check up on our sound engineers’ progress! Giorgia has in fact performed as a special guest at one of CMP […]

Soul/folk artist records ‘Trouble Sleeping’

CD Duplication East Sussex
Eastbourne’s Pentacle Drummers have much reason to celebrate: their latest CD (recorded at CMP just recently) is passing through the final stages of post-production (thanks to our talented team of sound engineers)! So they’ll be able to get their eager hands on it it, very soon!        

‘Rumbling Thunder’ soon coming your way!

Resident sound engineer Glen is hard at work today, Mixing and Mastering for a number of our current projects! 1st project is a spot of One Direction, as Maria’s Kidz covered one of their poptastic songs during a recent recording at the studio. The 2nd project is ‘Just Sing!’ by The […]

More Mixing Mayhem!

John Vincent’s two-track CD single has now been fully Mixed & Mastered by our resident sound engineers! Both tracks are soulful renditions of classic Cliff Richard singles. The first track is ‘Miss You Nights’ and the second is ‘The Next Time’. John is releasing this CD in order to raise […]

John Vincent’s CD now fully Mixed & Mastered!

Today, Head Sound Engineer Tom (aka CMP Studios’ Co-owner!) is hard at work Mixing & Mastering Zoe Hedderwick’s stunning One Take Demo ‘Green Eyes’. Once he’s completed that task, he shall be moving onto John Vincent’s special track ‘Judy’ – moving it into its final phase of production!

More Mixing in the Mix!

Today, our resident sound engineers have been busy putting the finishing touches to Competition Winner Charlotte Staples’ One Take Demo ‘Sophia’! And what’s more, we’ve been quietly plugging away at something special – more details to follow soon!


Bexhill crooner Andy Burton’s 4 songs are now Mixed & Mastered! He chose to cover 4 classics: Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’; ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ written by Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly and Harry M. Woods and performed by the likes of Bing Crosby and Otis Redding; Elton John’s ‘Don’t Let the […]

Andy Burton in the Mix!

Vocalist John Vincent paid a visit to the studio this morning, to record two tracks! The first track is an original love song to someone special called ‘Judy’. The second track is John’s rendition of ‘Miss You Nights’, the 1975 single by Cliff Richard (which was written by Dave Townsend). […]

John Vincent’s ‘Judy’

Much Mixing & Mastering Mayhem is occurring in the studio today! Our sound engineers Glen and Rory are busy working on Bexhill-based crooner Andy Burton’s 4 tracks, getting them ready to burn onto a number of CDs! What’s more, Mike Sellings (musical director and pianist to The Evergreen Singers) has also popped in to help Glen and […]

A Day Of Mixing!

Tom Fitzpatrick’s rendition of Cole Porter’s ‘Night and Day’ has now been fully Mixed & Mastered! The song, originally written in 1932, was one of Cole Porter’s most popular contributions to the Great American Songbook – and has been covered by many solo artists throughout the ensuing decades (Frank Sinatra being […]

‘Night and Day’ fully Mixed & Mastered!

Yesterday Mike Sellings paid a visit to CMP Studios, to add in his synth string overdub to The Evergreen Singers’ charity single ‘Just Sing!’. With the overdub added in, the song is now complete with a richer melody and strong choral vibe. As of today, ‘Just Sing!’ is now fully Mixed & […]

Mike’s Overdub

Jezz Brown’s One Take Demo ‘To My Surprise’ has now been fully Mixed & Mastered! It’s been burned onto a number of CDs, ready to be fully utilised by the printing press! We wish Jezz every success with his excellent One Take Demo, which he’s hoping to place in an indiscreet […]

‘To My Surprise’ now Mixed & Mastered!

Andy Cooper’s One Take Demo ‘End Beginning’ has now been fully Mixed & Mastered! It’s been burned onto a number of CDs, ready to be fully utilised by the printing press! We wish Andy every success with his excellent One Take Demo!

‘End Beginning’ fully Mixed & Mastered!

The CMP Studios’ Open Mic Night Competition is now in full swing! With the October 1st deadline now passed, the studio has begun booking in all of its Open Mic Winners. So far, it’s had Winner Andy Cooper in to record his One Take Demo (entitled ‘End Beginning’). With Andy’s […]

‘End Beginning’ in sight!

The studio has been particularly busy these past few days, converting old folk tunes into classic rock anthems. This has been done by swapping the horns, drums and marching bands of old with the classic rock guitar riffs and souped-up big sound production values of the new! Stay tuned in for more […]

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Newcomer Christine, the lucky recipient of a Christmas Recording Gift Voucher (courtesy of CMP!), has been in to record a stirring rendition of Shirley Bassey’s ‘After The Rain’. With her smooth phrasing and dulcet tones, it won’t be long before we’ve whipped her vocals into Mixed & Mastered shape!

After The Rain….

Nayomi is at the Studio today, adding her final layer of vocals to her first single! We’ll soon be Mixing & Mastering her track, getting it polished and ready for general release. Nayomi’s new track will be out soon – watch this space!

Nayomi’s first single!

We’ve been busy all day here at CMP Studios, mixing Nayomi’s brand new track. With 12 different versions to choose from, we’ll have no problem putting together a ‘Master Version’ ready for general release. We’re looking forward to hearing the fruits of our labour!

Nayomi’s brand new track!

CMP Studios Ltd has a fantastic control room packed with all the latest gear. All of our valve pre-amps and digital desks are top of the line and coupled with a mixture of fantastic mixing/recording engineers, CMP Studios is the place to be if you want a fantastic sound with […]

Check out our Control Room!