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Shamaniak, rock trio
Local rock trio Shamaniak have made full use of CMP’s recent special deal: a Live Recording Package worth £149 for just £99! The Live Recording Package gives musicians (bands and solo artists alike) the chance to spend up to 3 hours in CMP’s bespoke Live Room, recording up to 5 […]

Shamaniak’s live demo is out now!

Mickey's Girl
Local band Mickey’s Girl have been rather busy of late, following the release of their EP last summer (appropriately entitled ‘The World Loves Mickey’s Girl’!). Since that milestone, they’ve been busy organising as many gigs as possible – particularly over in Brighton. Their favourite gig, so far, was the one they […]

Love across the globe for Mickey’s Girl!

Bonefish, rock band
Local hard rockers Bonefish made a return visit to CMP last night, to do a Live Recording of their three latest tracks. The three tracks (currently entitled ‘Song 3’, ‘Song 5’ and ‘Song 8’) will form part of the band’s upcoming album. And the songs, currently in the post-production stage, are proper Bonefish […]

Bonefish swim back to CMP!

The Beagles
Local rock band the Beagles (or B’eagles, their name being an amalgamation of the two classic groups the Beatles and the Eagles) made use of CMP Studios recently, to do a live recording for their new promotional CD! All members of the Beagles have had extensive experience with all things musical, enabling them […]

The Beagles, howling in harmony….

The Bayonets
On Sunday, The Bayonets (basically a cross between swords and guns) rocked up at CMP to give us a dose of their unique brand of indie! The reason behind their visit was to partake in their very first recorded rehearsal session here at the studio – with the intention of putting said session […]

The mother of all rehearsals!

Drum Screens
The weekend has come and gone and the studio has been busy with many things. And among these things was a live recording for local rock hounds ‘Bonefish’. Bonefish are currently a four-piece rock outfit, waiting to try out their new singer to make it five!! The band have bags […]

The Bonefish Attack!