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CMP Studios now has seven volunteers under its fold! They are: Joel (originally from Suffolk), Audrius (originally from Lithuania), Joe (originally from Norwich), Neil (originally from Lincoln), Alex (originally from Dorset), Rory (originally from Scotland) and Chris (from as far away as Eastbourne!). The majority of the studio’s volunteers now […]

Volunteering, a ‘Sound’ way of gaining work experience!

Nayomi is at the Studio today, adding her final layer of vocals to her first single! We’ll soon be Mixing & Mastering her track, getting it polished and ready for general release. Nayomi’s new track will be out soon – watch this space!

Nayomi’s first single!

Film-maker Charlie Goodall has been in to Eastbourne’s CMP Studios to record his two-minute ‘RØDE Rockumentary’ video, which features an interview with Eastbourne-based band The Harkes (who’ve become regular guests at CMP Studios). The pop rock band formed just over a year ago and have been busy recording their first […]

The Harkes featured in Rockumentary, hoping to send film-maker Charlie ...

CMP Studios Ltd has a fantastic control room packed with all the latest gear. All of our valve pre-amps and digital desks are top of the line and coupled with a mixture of fantastic mixing/recording engineers, CMP Studios is the place to be if you want a fantastic sound with […]

Check out our Control Room!