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Biscuit Boris, Rich Tea Biscuits
This past week, the CMP team have become evermore bewildered, due to our Rich Tea Biscuits doing a little vanishing act! These worrying developments come in the wake of another recent studio catastrophe: our last packet of Rich Teas got suspiciously lighter, with each passing day! Even more worrying, the biscuit thief […]

Anonymous studio engineer caught up in Rich Tea Biscuit scandal…

Mixing Desk, CMP Studios
CMP’s team of sound engineers enjoyed a very busy Tuesday morning this week, as they played host to four different sets of Causeway School students! The students (from Years 7, 8 and 9) visited the recording studio as part of REAL Learning Week (a programme of workplace visits that give […]

CMP host Causeway students during REAL Learning Week!

Andy Cooper’s One Take Demo ‘End Beginning’ has now been fully Mixed & Mastered! It’s been burned onto a number of CDs, ready to be fully utilised by the printing press! We wish Andy every success with his excellent One Take Demo!

‘End Beginning’ fully Mixed & Mastered!

The CMP Studios’ Open Mic Night Competition is now in full swing! With the October 1st deadline now passed, the studio has begun booking in all of its Open Mic Winners. So far, it’s had Winner Andy Cooper in to record his One Take Demo (entitled ‘End Beginning’). With Andy’s […]

‘End Beginning’ in sight!

The studio has been particularly busy these past few days, converting old folk tunes into classic rock anthems. This has been done by swapping the horns, drums and marching bands of old with the classic rock guitar riffs and souped-up big sound production values of the new! Stay tuned in for more […]

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Newcomer Christine, the lucky recipient of a Christmas Recording Gift Voucher (courtesy of CMP!), has been in to record a stirring rendition of Shirley Bassey’s ‘After The Rain’. With her smooth phrasing and dulcet tones, it won’t be long before we’ve whipped her vocals into Mixed & Mastered shape!

After The Rain….

CMP Studios now has seven volunteers under its fold! They are: Joel (originally from Suffolk), Audrius (originally from Lithuania), Joe (originally from Norwich), Neil (originally from Lincoln), Alex (originally from Dorset), Rory (originally from Scotland) and Chris (from as far away as Eastbourne!). The majority of the studio’s volunteers now […]

Volunteering, a ‘Sound’ way of gaining work experience!

CMP Studios Ltd has a fantastic control room packed with all the latest gear. All of our valve pre-amps and digital desks are top of the line and coupled with a mixture of fantastic mixing/recording engineers, CMP Studios is the place to be if you want a fantastic sound with […]

Check out our Control Room!