Georgia-Faye Steele, pianist, vocalist
The studio welcomed yet another Fest winner to our tucked away premises today! 14-year-old Georgia-Faye Steele won the 2014 Eastbourne Music & Arts Festival section for Rock & Pop, and so is claiming the golden prize that is rightfully hers: a recording session at CMP! During her two-hour session, Georgia chose […]

Eastbourne Fest winner claims CMP prize!

Rachael Knights, cello
Yesterday, the winner of the Eastbourne Music & Arts Festival string section swung by to claim her competition prize – a free recording session at CMP Studios! Eastbourne resident Rachael Knights, aged 17, is a student at Sussex Downs College. She attends the college’s Lewes campus and is currently studying Economics, Sociology […]

Eastbourne Festival strings winner records at CMP!

Harry Court
Harry Court, this year’s winner of Eastbourne Festival’s Guitar Section, enjoyed a free recording session (courtesy of CMP Studios) today! He follows on from the winners of several other Festival Sections, who have all been able to enjoy this one-off prize in the past few months. 14-year-old Harry is a highly accomplished […]

Winner of Eastbourne Festival’s Guitar Section rocks up at CMP!

Steinway Piano
Eastbourne Festival winner Michael Cullen came to the studio recently, to claim his prize for winning the Piano Section at the Festival. His prize was a free recording session courtesy of CMP Studios! The Hailsham Community College student, aged 15, began playing the piano eight years ago. His favourite instrument […]

Eastbourne Festival 2013 Winner of the Piano Section records at ...

Vieulle Violin
The winner of Eastbourne Festival’s String category, Freddie Elmberg, has been in today to record his piece. Freddie, accompanied by his mother, Karin, played a beautiful piano & fiddle classical duet. We can see why he won! Fred, aged just 13, has already been playing for 7 years and it […]

Eastbourne Festival Winner Fred And His Fiddle!

Max young drummer
  Eastbourne Festival winner Max Ryan claimed his prize today, by partaking in a free recording session courtesy of CMP Studios! Max’s prize involved him recording a drum track in CMP’s Live Room and then gaining a special CD of the recording that showcases his extraordinary talent. He chose to […]

Eastbourne Festival winner gives Green Day a run for their ...