The Bonefish Attack!

The weekend has come and gone and the studio has been busy with many things. And among these things was a live recording for local rock hounds ‘Bonefish’.

Bonefish are currently a four-piece rock outfit, waiting to try out their new singer to make it five!! The band have bags of gear and deliver bags of attitude with their performance! If you want to get a slap round the face by the sound of rock, listen to these guys –¬†you won’t be disappointed!

mesa boogie single rectifier

the Single Rectifier ready for action

The band is made up of Hastings and Bexhill-based members (David Steele, Mike Steele, Frank Goodsell and Steve Goodsell). That’s right, two sets of brothers, no wonder they’re so tight.

huge drum kit

nice rack....

You can find Bonefish on Facebook, click here and like their page!

Steve's bass rig

The tracks have been mixed and are now in the mastering stage. The result should be spiffing.

Line 6 head

Like we said, gear galore!

Drum Screens

Drums screened off for separation