The perfect voice

CMP Studios can create the ideal voiceover to accompany your video, trailer or explainer.

Working with global stars like Zendaya to record voice for the trailers to Hollywood features, to local theatres wanting to capture celebs talking about their Christmas panto for radio adverts, we can deliver any kind of voiceover work.

Experienced in delivering broadcast quality audio conveniently, The Roadee can come to you to record the content you need.

Voices to match

We can provide voice artists for your project, with many different styles to suit.
Highly versatile artists - many styles, accents, ages, types, impressions i.e different voices produced in the same session when budgets cannot support multiple voice artists.
With a proven history in voiceover work, including voiceover for Mini cars and Wateraid adverts, our professional sound engineers can craft the perfect product for you.
Some of the voiceover projects we have worked on include:
- TV Commercials
- Radio Adverts
- Computer Game Voices
- Long Corporate Passages
- Company Training Audio
- Audio Tours
- TV Documentaries
- Mobile App Voices
- Theatre Shows
- Audio Books

Comedian Tucker

A recent trailer we recorded the voiceover for.