Roadee records intranet podcast for pharma giant

Mobile recording studio records pharmaceutical company's podcast

One of our biggest podcast clients to date is a major Japanese pharmaceutical company, whose UK headquarters are located in Buckinghamshire. We have been helping them record their podcasts for the past few years.

The global company’s serial podcast, which features both on-site guests and remotely-recorded participants, is uploaded monthly to their very own intranet!

Throughout the podcast series, all manner of things get discussed, including: the company’s latest procedures and targets; past and upcoming teambuilding events; and any challenges that employees get given to complete in their downtime. In addition to this, the podcast regularly features phone-ins from remote-working team leaders and from sales reps connected to the company.

So as you can see, these intranet podcasts have proven to be a very useful and informative tool for the global giant’s large number of (fairly dispersed) employees! They have been instrumental in bringing the employees together, by helping them feel even more connected to their company and with the pharmaceutical industry in general. 

The recording sessions usually take place inside our bespoke Roadee vehicle, which is stationed within the company’s car park.

Roadee vehicle for mobile recording
                                                               The Roadee’s bespoke interior – check out the vocal booth in the background!

During our recording sessions, the podcast guests enter the Roadee’s soundproofed vocal booth to record their individual contributions to the podcast – and each of these contributions is then edited by our expert team of sound engineers.

These podcasts are also directed by the creative agency WMP Creative, who are pioneers in exhibitions, graphic design, film and video, live events, product design and sports events.

WMP’s skilled direction and CMP’s audio mastery both ensure that each episode of this company’s topical podcast is always of a high standard.

So if you’d like to follow in this global giant’s footsteps and record a professional standard podcast, get in touch with us and find out how we can help!