Live From The Roadee – Season Three continues with special guest!

Pre-Season Switcharoo?

It’s been a fantastic start to the Season Three content creation process. Bands and Solo Artists alike have travelled from far and wide to be on the show, and the talent of some of these artists is on another level!

We’ve decided to get our friend and TV personality Pete Bennett involved to interview the artists post-song, to really get a feel for the character and background of the musician behind the performance.

The Big Brother winner and local celeb has brought a new flavour to the show and spiced up what was already great entertainment!


Brighton’s Latest TV is still airing Season Two so the new episodes will be hitting your screens in the new year.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

The Showcase

Meanwhile, while recording 14 artists in The Roadee outside of The Richmond Pub, Studio Manager Rob was in the venue hosting what turned out to be a fantastic showcase filling the pub with artists from all over the country.

On arrival, we discovered that not only had the council dug up all pavements surrounding the pub but also blocked any entrance for us and the artists (nice one, council!), but they were very accommodating and the site foreman actually got his workers to lay an impromptu walkway with barriers and ramps creating a safe but interesting link from the back of The Roadee right to the front door of the venue. Thanks guys – it was good fun!

Despite all of the elements working against us, the team pulled off a fantastic evening of live music and got some great content for Season Three!

Our arrival

The walkway!