The Box That Rox exhibits @ The Showman’s Show!

This week, The Box That Rox (plus CMP crew) headed up to the Newbury Showground in Berkshire to partake in this year’s Showman’s Show!

After a few wearying hours of driving, we found our designated spot for the next couple of days (Stand No. 230, Avenue D) and wasted no time in setting up.

Once all the essential checks had been carried out, we decided to get an early night – as The Box That Rox needed to be in full swing by the very next morning!

Taking place over two consecutive days (this year the 16th and 17th October), The Showman’s Show is the leading exhibition of products and services for the festival, outdoor and special event industries.

So unsurprisingly, it proved to be a great opportunity for showcasing exactly what The Box That Rox has to offer!

Case in point….

The two-day exhibition event turned out to be very fruitful for the CMP crew, as we had the opportunity to connect with all manner of businesses (from staging companies to event management agencies, by way of sound system and audio gear professionals).

We even had time to take in a sheep show (don’t ask!), and to befriend some of the very colourful characters that were knocking about on site!

CMP’s Tom with dinosaurs Douglas and Diane!

From dancing dinosaurs….

to terrifying transformers…

and humongous humans!

And – best of all – we provided hours of karaoke fun to our eager participants, all witnessed by a highly amused throng of passers-by! The event turned out to be a real success and the CMP crew have been thrilled with the result – roll on Showman’s Show 2020!!